Access Control for Home and Business

  • Audio Entry Systems

At Barking Dog Security, We provide a wide range of audio entry systems for residential and commercial premises featuring two way voice communications between the outdoor entrance panels and the internal handsets with electric door lock release button to open the door from the handset.

  • Video Entry Systems

Video entry systems are a key element in door entry security, allowing you to see who is visiting your home or office and giving you control over whether or not they can enter. Video cameras can be fitted to many different entry points, including doors, gates and barriers.

  • Commercial Access Control Systems

The threat of physical damage to valuable equipment and possessions, or data theft by criminals or discontented employees, rises on a daily basis. Restricting personnel, contractors' or visitors' access to buildings or areas is becoming ever more important.

We have worked with a wide variety of access control solutions and are confident we can design a system that is suitable for your needs.

Options available include:

  • Keyfob activation
  • Swipecards
  • Digital keypads & PINs
  • Intercom systems
  • Door entry buzzers

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